Number 09

A simple (camera-)drive through Prague with Tram Nr. 9 from Zizkov to Smichov. The camera comes up with questions that can not be answered from that distance...where do the "actors" in the movie go to? what is their destination, their goals, their hopes? Prague has 1,2 million inhabitants and too many tourists, a lot of beauty and internationality on the one side, but also a lot of anonymity and doubt on the other. Prague is treated by tourists as if it was their museum...neglecting the "other side" that is connected to the real life of its inhabitants. But especially this not well known other spectrum of the City holds a lot of stories, emotions, details and answers that are not obvious at first sight. The ongoing horizontal movement of "my" tram is the basis for an attempt to combine and interleave some of these details, stories and messages that I found in many many walks through this City from a still external point of view. The camera is very distant and anonymous on the one hand (such as I was even after living there for 8 months), on the other hand the film confronts the viewer with the filmmaker´s desire to understand the contemporary complexity of this historic metropolis through (beautiful and not so beautiful) details, signs, advertising texts and (bizarre) messages that were found in countless corners and that sometimes "communicated".

directed by Reinhold Bidner

Music by Floex (cz)