fun anyone?


Cubic made a computer game/interactice video installation called (t)error, as his critics on world politics and terror, vicious circles of violence, etc. 1n0ut tried to figure out how people would react if something like this is
exhibited in a guerilla-action in public space in a situation like “Octoberfest” munich. An event of fun, beer drinking, amusement, logo and star-t-shirt-selling, grilled chicken and ordinary working class people enjoying their lifes and their drinks. Where media-ruined youngsters get drunken and aggressive. The video was shot in Linz, Austria, where we have
something similar like "Octoberfest" called "Urfahraner Markt". we guess something like that exist everywhere ;-)

The situation was getting quite surreal when these totally drunk 15 year old kids were showing up. by the way, it was 4 in the afternoon. a bit to soon for 15 year old kids to have a drink too much.